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Jon’s Headshots: Recent Project

Capturing Jon’s Contemporary Headshots



In the dynamic world of photography, I had the privilege of collaborating with Jon, a Brand Manager at Avis Budget Group International. Jon’s quest was to refresh his headshots, embracing a bold and contemporary style that reflected his true personality.

Jon approached me with a clear vision. He wanted headshots that were striking, serious, and timeless. The goal was to generate an atmospheric and striking image that portrayed power and confidence.  

The Shoot:

In the heart of the creative process, we harnessed the power of high-contrast black and white photography to give Jon’s headshots that timeless and bold edge.

To set the stage, we carefully selected a minimalist backdrop. This background not only enhanced the high-contrast effect but also placed Jon at the forefront, ensuring all attention was on him.

Exploring various sitting poses added an extra layer of sophistication to the headshots, seamlessly aligning with Jon’s personality.

Capturing that elusive perfect serious expression is an art in itself. Through Jon’s dedication and our collaborative efforts, we achieved precisely the look he desired.

The lighting played a pivotal role in this journey. I combined natural and artificial lighting to bring forth the dramatic interplay of highlights and shadows, a defining characteristic of high-contrast black and white photography.


Jon was thrilled with the outcome. The contemporary, serious look he sought had been realized.

Whether you’re seeking a bold, timeless look or something entirely unique, I’m here to help you bring your vision to life. Let’s embark on an artistic exploration together and ensure you shine in search results for keywords like “headshots,” “corporate headshots,” “stylised headshots,” and “headshots near me.”

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